DIY Emergency…How To Clean Spots and Spills on Carpet

How Homeowners Can Clean Up Spots And Spills On Their Carpet Using Things They Have On Hand

Picture the scene... Steam Lux just visited your house last week and left you with brand new looking carpet. It feels fantastic and luxurious as you walk around in your bare feet and roll around with the kids. The whole family gathers on the living room floor to play board games and enjoy some quality time together. Family Game NightJust as Johnny lands on Boardwalk Place, he accidentally kicks over his Coke in the excitement of his big payday. Noooooooooo!!!!!!

OK, don’t freak out. You can do this. Whenever you have a spill, I want you to think of two things. First: this is not a drill! This is the real thing. This is what you have trained for. OK, this is what I have trained for. But seriously, the first thing is URGENCY. Spring into action immediately. If you spend the next ten minutes taking care soda spillsof this, it will not be a problem. If you wait, it could be a big problem. The second thing to think of is EXTRACTION. You need to extract (remove) whatever has been spilled on the carpet. In this case the Coke. How do you do that? I will suggest two options. Absorption and or vacuum. Absorption will involve blotting with a clean towel. Note I said blot, not rub, and blot gently. Simply lay some paper towels, or a white cotton towel on the spill and allow the soda to be drawn up into the towel. Continue this process with clean, dry towels until the spill is removed.

The second option for extracting the spill is to use a vacuum. Obviously, you need to use a wet vac here. Most households have a “Shop Vac” in the garage or closet that can be used to vacuum up wet stuff. So grab the Shop Vac, make sure it is set up for “wet” vacuuming, and go to it. Again be gentle. Let the vacuum do the work. Remember the the dynamics of a vacuum require some “air flow”, so don’t press it down to hard on the carpet or else it will not effectively pick up the liquid.

So now that we have “extracted” the spill, whether with absorption or vacuum, a small amount of the Coke may still remain in the carpet. That brings us to the next step which I will call “dilution.” At this point we want to dilute the remnants of the spill. Simply apply a small amount of hot water to the spot. You can either put it in a spray bottle and mist it or just pour it on. If you pour it on, just go easy. We want to add just enough water to dilute the soda stain a bit. Next, we extract again. Repeat this “dilute+extract” routine as many times as necessary. In some stubborn cases, you may need to add a drop or two (more is not better) of dish soap to your dilution water and agitate it into the carpet fibers gently with a blunt object ( like a spoon or something similar). If you do use water and soap, make sure to finish with a clean water “dilute+extract” routine. You may consider drying the carpet with small fan.

Great job team family! You did it! I knew you could. Now pay Johnny his rent and get on with your life.

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