Pre-Vacuum Services serving Northeast FL

Dry soil is the enemy of carpet!
VacuumDry soil in your carpet acts like sand paper scratching, and damaging your carpet fibers when you walk on it. For this reason, carpet manufactures recommend vacuuming daily! Ok, we know almost nobody does that, but it is essential that it is done immediately prior to professional cleaning.
Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Did you know that 80% of the soil in your carpet is dry soil and located in the lower 2/3rds of the carpet? The only way to remove this dirt is through proper vacuuming, preferably with a commercial vacuum cleaner. If the carpet is cleaned without proper pre-vacuuming then the soil in the bottom of the carpets may never be removed! Plus, what happens when you add water to dry soil? MUD happens. This is why IICRC certified professional carpet cleaner guidelines ALWAYS require pre-vacuuming before cleaning. This is a very important step that many carpet cleaners neglect.

We include a pre-vacuuming with our services, because we want the best clean for our clients.

If you choose to do the pre-vacuuming yourself, please follow these tips:
• Use a new bag (or in the case a a bag-less vacuum, empty the collection canister first).
• Clean the beater bar (clean and free bar of debris and any tangled up hair or string.)
• Clear vacuum tubs from the inlet to the bag of any debris and or clogs.
• Use a crevice tool to clean at the edge of the carpet where it meets the baseboards and any other place the beater bar can not get.
• TAKE YOUR TIME! The faster you go, the less dry soil you will pick up.